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Citadel Ministries Mission: To help build and grow ministries, to maximize their Kingdom impact.

Working together, we’re able to help make a positive impact in our communities by improving ministries and partnering with donors in support of their God-given calling.

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Helping Ministries

The Citadel process begins with an assessment. Once we’ve met with the organization’s leaders and have a good understanding of the ministry’s mission, we come up with a plan of action. We provide support in areas where it’s needed.

Citadel is able to help with everything from startup to sustainability. We’re here to help with filing 501(c)(3) paperwork, accounting, assistance obtaining grants, fundraising and event planning, marketing services, and more. Our goal is to help improve the effectiveness of ministries organizationally. 

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Plan Development

From new visions to re-visions of existing ministries – that is what Citadel does! It all begins with great planning. Developing a strategic plan born from your vision and through needs assessment, helps us to work in partnership with you to create a comprehensive, vision-centric plan. In short, we help you do more of what you do best! A well-designed plan and Citadel’s hands-on guidance work in tandem to grow your ministry, making it more sustainable and effective.

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Building Foundations

We work with your organization to develop a strong foundation from which to launch. The goal is to help you move your organization to the next level of performance. Board development, administrative guidance and training, branding, marketing, messaging – all tied to accountability and transparency, builds confidence in staff, volunteers, and DONORS. A donor relations plan is essential for sustainability and growth. Working together to build a strong foundation works to make your ministry “donor ready” – one they would LOVE to fund!

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Project Funding

Just like erecting a building, the funds have to be there. After developing a plan and building the foundation, Citadel Ministries comes alongside your organization to develop your donor base. We work through a variety of networks to present your ministry in a way that attracts donors and foundations seeking effective, trustworthy organizations to support. A clear vision and an effective communication system are the pillars that develop new supporters and build a solid structure on which expand the ministry.

We Help Donors Transform Their Communities with Strategic Gift Planning

Are you interested in learning how you, your family, or your business can partner with Christian ministries to help them attain financial stability and sustainable growth?