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We Help Ministries Maximize Their Kingdom Impact

How do we do that? We work with ministry leaders in areas where support is needed.

Citadel is uniquely comprised of professionals with backgrounds in Finance, Management, Accounting, Marketing, Consulting, and Event Planning. Our experiences in the public sector have uniquely prepared us to use our God-given talents to further His message of hope, through ministry.

We’ll Come Alongside Your Ministry to Bridge Gaps in Areas of Need

Citadel exists to help leaders improve the effectiveness of their ministries organizationally.

When your ministry is running smoothly, you’re better able to focus on making a Kingdom impact in your community.

We offer ministry leaders outside perspective, Biblical guidance, practical tools, and ongoing support and encouragement, to pursue the calling God has given them. We’re here to disciple and assist your ministry in the areas of organization, administration, and funding.

How is Ministry discipleship facilitated?