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Citadel Ministries: Helping the Helpers

We Help Christian Nonprofits Maximize Their Kingdom Impact

How? By working together in our areas of strength. God has gifted each of us uniquely; together we can make a life-changing, positive impact in our community. 


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Plan Development

From new visions to re-visions of existing ministries – that is what Citadel does! It all begins with great planning. Developing a strategic plan born from your vision and through needs assessment, helps us to work in partnership with you to create a comprehensive, vision-centric plan. In short, we help you do more of what you do best! A well-designed plan and Citadel’s hands-on guidance work in tandem to grow your ministry, making it more sustainable and effective.
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Building Foundations

We work with your organization to develop a strong foundation from which to launch. The goal is to help you move your organization to the next level of performance. Board development, administrative guidance and training, branding, marketing, messaging – all tied to accountability and transparency, builds confidence in staff, volunteers, and DONORS. A donor relations plan is essential for sustainability and growth. Working together to build a strong foundation works to make your ministry “donor ready” – one they would LOVE to fund!
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Project Funding

Just like erecting a building, the funds have to be there. After developing a plan and building the foundation, Citadel Ministries comes alongside your organization to develop your donor base, working through a variety of networks to present your ministry in a manner that attracts donors and foundations that are seeking effective, trustworthy organizations in which to invest. A clear vision and an effective communication system are the pillars that develop new supporters and build a solid structure on which to build and expand the ministry.